Code of conduct EVW

As we are aware our activities have an impact on our surroundings and on the people therein, we wish this to be a positive one by acting respectfully of our environment and of the people. Hence, as a modern SME we have made CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, an integral part of our enterprise. Our CSR policy is an extension to the quality (ISO9001) and health and safety (VCA**) policies already in place. We wish to strike a balance between three dimensions : all people involved in our corporate management and our activities in general (People), the environmental impact of our actions (Planet) and the benefits for our company (Profit).

Our policy is conducted on the basis of ethical principles and with due regard for basic values. Since also at the level of employment these values and our regard for them are important, we have embedded them in our code of conduct which applies to all our employees and all those we do business with.

1. Non-Discrimination

We wish to provide equal opportunities to all our employees and those seeking employment in our company. Corporate decisions affecting working conditions shall be based on individual merit and corporate needs irrespective of race, colour of skin, ethnical, cultural or national origin, creed, sexual orientation/identity, civil status, gender, disability or age. This shall apply to all aspects of employment, including intake of employees, assessments, promotions, rewards, training, development and dismissal. In case of problems observed or experienced in this respect, please, contact our CRS Manager.

2. Right to Privacy

We look after the privacy of our employees and their families by watching over the confidentiality of personal data. Employees will at any time have the right to look into their personal data and the use made of them.

3. Forced Labour, Child Labour

We ban forced labour and child labour from our company and undertake the necessary actions to demand the same from our suppliers. The ILO Conventions and the UN Charter on the Children’s Rights shall serve as a reference standard.

4. Health and Safety

EVW conducts a health and safety policy based on risk assessment, evaluation and prevention and including actions, provisions (such as personal safety gear, internal emergency scheme), training to promote health and safety at the workplace and in the framework of our activities. In doing so we wish to comply with applicable legislation and standards in the field of health and safety. 

5. Accessibility

We aim at ensuring reasonable accessibility of work places in our company for everybody to avoid discrimination by reason of disability. We are available for contact with our stakeholders, either by means of personal conversation of by phone, e-mail or via our website. For our employees in particular, an online mailbox is available to post reports, ideas and announcements to other stakeholders, etc.

6. Association and Consultation

We respect the equal rights of workers to free association, collective representation and consultation.

7. Working Conditions and Wages

Our remuneration policy is aimed at equitable and transparent wages for every employee. Working hours shall be in compliance with applicable legislation, collective agreements and standards and shall provide for acceptable conditions with regard to timetables, time off and holidays.

8. Labour Agreement

Recruitment which leads to a labour agreement shall take place in compliance with applicable legislation and standards.

9. Training, Employability and Career Development

Employees shall be given sufficient opportunities for personal development with a view to improving the company’s competitiveness and to ensure their employability and career development.

10. Work Life Balance

We shall be open to address employees’ personal expectations in terms of improving their work life balance in as far as this does not undermine the company’s competitiveness. In terms of people’s management, work organization and career development we will consider aspects like flexibility, care for children and elderly, etc.

11. Respect for Employee Dignity

We will ensure that maximum respect is given to the dignity of our employees and take measures in case of infringement thereon.