E. VAN WINGEN is grateful to you

Since the Technical Department Heads in the Health Care sector held their annual congress (VTDV) in June 2012, many of them have given confidence to EVW for their emergency power back-up or cogeneration units. We owe them a grateful mention!

In Malle, East of Antwerp, the St Joseph hospital replaced the existing standby diesel generator, supplied by EVW in 1981, had to make room for its successor, only shortly after an extra power back-up unit had been installed, also by EVW. In the St Dimpna General Hospital in Geel the gas engine of the CHP unit which had been running since 2000, was renewed with an updated version. The same engine type will be the heart of the cogen unit to be installed at Imelda Hospital of Bonheiden. At St Rembert's in Torhout, one more loyal customer, EVW installed a 2500 kVA emergency diesel generator in the hospital's latest extension. While in the city of Ghent, hospitals are engaged in a real building race, EVW is again part of it: the impressive new Mary Mediatrix Hospital block has seen the arrival of 2 x 1700 kVA emergency diesel generators equipped for mains paralleling. For the total renovation of the Jan Palfijn Hospital the principal decided to go for sustainability. EVW is currently installing a 500 kWe cogeneration unit to run on natural gas to support the hospital's central heating system. It is rejoicing to see the path of energy efficiency has been chosen. The cogenerator will supply heat and electric power simultaneously and thus save energy as well as many tons of CO2. On top comes the Forensic Psychiatric Centre which will rely on EVW for its emergency power generator.

Right on the eve of the 2013 Congress of VTDV the St Augustine General Hospital of Wilrijk joined the list by ordering two cogeneration units. Needless to say EVW is eager to start with their manufacturing.

Is the name of your health facility still missing in the list ? Our dedicated EVW team is ready to meet the energy needs of your organisation with our spirit of expertise, innovation, competence and reliability, for many years on end.